Teleportation Rings, Mysterious People and Background Voices

This Article Discusses How You Could Use Designamid Magazine to Get More Sales Leads, Publishing Opportunities, and to Improve Brand Value and Quality. Three Examples Are Given; a Shop in a Desert, a Shop in a Bazaar and An Office in 5th Avenue, Leading T

Every retail shop owners know that the physical location of the shop itself is the most determining factor for daily sales, followed up with branding and customer loyalty. That is the prime reason why the rents in main streets are more expensive; there is more daily traffic that pass through them; because they are more profitable. That is why stores concentrate in shopping malls.Likewise, this traffic principle applies to the domain names too, good names get higher traffic and generate more sales and therefore are more expensive. Meanwhile in real life, often you would see smaller shops here and there, still working very good; these little shops sell daily necessities that are demanded highly by the general population. These shops work well because they are positioned near your home or work, and it is relatively easy to go to them; they are highly accessible.Thus, the issue is not about being in the main street, nor it is about being in vicinity. To get more sales, you need to be accessible, you need to be found, you need to be known. There are tons of ways to do that, but for this article I will talk about how it would be done using this particular magazine that you are reading.DesignAmid magazine is a co-created magazine that publishes educative and informative articles about design, arts, architecture and design products. These articles do appear in search results and provide opportunity for article publishes such as yourself to disseminate yourself further by talking about a subject of your expertise. Expertise here is the keyword because that is what builds authority and provide leads back to yourself.To make it more clear, imagine you are the owner of a niche shop that sells only bottled water and you have built your shop in the middle of a Sahara desert to reach where customers do actually need you. It is perhaps the best shop to sell bottled water in the world, but if clients could not find you, it will not work anyway. Now imagine you would have opportunity to build teleportation rings, spread through all the deserts of the world, which allows clients to teleport in and out of your shop to their initial location. This would make sure that you could reach 100% of thirsty people who are lost in the deserts and searching for water, not only Sahara but also Arabian Desert, the Govi Desert, Kalahari Desert and many others.Now, lets imagine another scenario, this time we are spice merchants and lets assume that we were smarter at choosing our shop location and have chosen to sell our spices in the Great Spice Bazaar. The Great Spice Bazaar has thousands of little shops, all offering the same commodity; spice. Thousands of customers come and visit the Bazaar, but these customers usually prefer to either shop from the shops they are already accustomed to, or which sells cheaper. Of course shops that sell rare and exotic spices, or shops that sell only a certain kind of spice with its variants also work.Furthermore, you would see in the Bazaar, different spices are combined together to make unique combinations. Those who sell the best combinations, also sell good, but only and only if people already tried them. In many occasions, a customer would refer a shop to another, therefore generating a sales lead. Now, you are there at the bazaar, you have made your own unique spices, and waiting for more customers.Imagine this, whenever you ask anyone which spice shop to go, a mysterious figure appears out of nowhere, breaks in to the conversation and tells you to go to visit the Designer Spice Shop at the Great Spice Bazaar. The Mysterious figure not only tells where the shop is, but also says, if you hold my hand, I'll take you there instantly. Finally, imagine that you are selling design consultancy services in a beautiful office building with great architecture, located at the 5th Avenue, New York, it is accessible, at a great location too. Yet still, if you do not tell anyone, no one would find you there. That is why you go out each day and arrange meetings with companies, do cold phone calls and explain them your services, which they actually like only and only if you had the chance to explain it.Now imagine that, whenever a CEO of a company wants to get design consultancy, like a narrator, a background voice tells him your company name, its location and also a way to get there instantly; just talk out the words.. By spelling out the magic phrase, he could pop-up in your office in the 5th Avenue, and start the conversation.In internet, these 3 examples are not science fiction. They are real situations. The scenarios do actually happen when people search for something, when they ask anything to search engines, when they come up with an article or resource. At this moment, they face up with a teleportation ring (a referral link), a mysterious man (a referral link), or a background voice (a referral link). The quality of these referral links, define if people would actually follow the rabbit hole; will they take the first step from the teleportation ring, will they listen to the mysterious figure, will they spell out the words? So that they would be taken to your shop?They will step on the teleportation ring if and only if the ring is beautiful, looking strong and durable, long-lasting, and clean. They will hold the hand of the mysterious figure only if she is attractive, promising, and sincere, and they will listen and spell out the words only if the background voice is sexy, charming and trustful.An article you would have on DesignAmid, is the mysterious figure, teleportation ring, or background voice which would work for you for the next years to come, continually without any interruption. But for this to work well your article must be: attractive, beautiful, long-lasting, clean, promising, sincere, sexy, charming, and trustful.When readers (your potential customers) reach these articles, they are presented the opportunity to take a step further to visit your website where you could offer much more to them. To make people follow, to make them take step, to make them listen to the voice, you must write something of value that comforts the properties of the ring, the figure, the voice.I give the desert example, because it is very similar to internet; it is easy to get lost and you cannot see whatever is around, it is all sand. I give the bazaar example, because it is very similar to internet; there is too much to see, and it is easy to get lost in the crowd. I give the office example, as you still need to get people coming, no matter what you do. Your article will serve as a teleportation ring, a mysterious figure, and a background voice, working for you, always. Make it beautiful, sincere, and educative.For example you could write a good article to publish at DesignAmid magazine, and have your beacon placed here. This would provide an opportunity for others to benefit from your knowledge meanwhile also attract potential clients, press members and other leads to your business. DesignAmid magazine aims to be educative, therefore your articles should give insights, and provide knowledge to readers. You can talk about: Designing a particular type of product, service or project: An example title would be: "20 Key elements to consider when designing arm chairs for offices". As you see, the article should be niche; it is best to write articles that are really specialized as there already exists thousands of generic articles about how to design furniture; but your article is much more relevant and thus will be shared and valued more by the online audiences. Design tools, news and opportunities: You can discuss about some of the design tools you use, some new ways of designing and other relevant information that have news value. It is important that this is not a press release, an editorial article where you tell in detail how some tools could be used to increase efficiency etc. Your Office or Design Department and Its' Principles: You can feature your office and how you do design, arts or architecture, or product design with other designers, artists and architects, but especially upcoming designers. Write about for instance "20 Design Principles" you follow, or "How X-Design Designs". "Architectural Principles" etc. Best of Examples: You can write an article about the "20 Good Examples of X-Design" where you could feature 20 different examples of good design regarding a particular subject. Again, it is best to choose a niche in your specialization. Please also make sure to get the rights to use the images in your articles from the copyright owners. Details about how you accomplished a particular project: Did you design an award winning product, architectural piece, artwork or concept? Share with the world about how you did it so good, make sure the article is educative. You can talk about the awards you win, about the process of design, about the team members and their roles etc. A Fair or Event that you attended to: Not pictures of your booth, but general coverage of the event, including your booth or your participation if any. Tell why the event is important, who joined, what was the benefits etc. It is best to include some personal suggestions and insights regarding the event in an editorial manner. Design Philosophy: Do you have a philosophy regarding design? Do you have a manifesto? Do you have a word to say about how it should be done? Write an article about your design-philosophy to share it with the rest of the world. Anything else that is useful and educative: You can write about any subject that might be considered useful, comprehensive and educative about design. To see what others wrote, simply check designamid.comTo write an article, Simply visit after registration and login. The best practice is to prepare your article in advance. Prepare an article with 19 paragraphs plus 1 headline, 1 subtitle and 5 to 10 keywords, a link to more information (preferably your website) plus you should create 20 images for each of the paragraphs + headline. Images are really important as they help you to get real impact from the process. It makes the article appealing and beautiful. Headline should be 600x600 pixels, other images should be at least 600 pixels width, all jpeg. The system is pretty much automated however articles are only published they are confirmed by the administrator. We will help you to get your articles better by reading them before publishing.Exerpt:Every retail shop owners know that the physical location of the shop itself is the most determining factor for daily sales, followed up with branding and customer loyalty. That is the prime reason why the rents in main streets are more expensive; there is more daily traffic that pass through them; because they are more profitable. That is why stores concentrate in shopping malls.Likewise, this traffic principle applies to the domain names too, good names get higher traffic and generate more sale..

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